Hanging Ellipsis Films was founded in 2011, by Ryan Taylor and Eric Modlin in Fort Collins, Colorado. They came together due to a mutual love for films, creating compelling stories, and a near insane love of pushing their boundaries. 


We have a passion for instilling a new sense of purpose to the art form that is film. Moving away from pure spectacle and creating pieces that encourage thought, and tell interesting and compelling tales.


We're always working on something, with more than one project in

Pre-Production, and Post-Production. Like us on "Facebook" and check back

here to keep updated on all of our current projects. 

Shades of Reality
Lyric 48 Hour Film Festival Entry
Winner: "Best Writing", "Best Use of Dialogue"
Official Selection: 
Front Range Film Festival
Official Selection:
L.A. Neo-Noir Novel, Film and Script Festival

The Team

Eric, Ryan and Steve have been producing projects under the moniker Hanging Ellipsis for over five years, but calling them "the team" would be a vast understatement.


Here at Hanging Ellipsis, we encourage a collaborative approach. Everyone from our actors to our grips are part of the team in every project. 

As a part of the ever growing Northern Colorado Film Community, we feel it is our duty and pleasure to make sure each of our projects feels like a collaborative effort, to make the best final product we can put out, and to help put our state on the map for independent film.

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